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David Byrne, The Shins, Crooked Fingers, X-Men, When Bambi Attacks   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, May 26, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade



FLAMING LIPS frontman Wayne Coyne gave the commencement address for the Oklahoma high school from which he did not graduate. It's very... Wayne. YouTube has Parts One and Two.


THE WALKMEN played DC last night, which means the gig should be streaming from NPR by now.

DAVID BYRNE has posted an essay o­n music and packaging, including album covers, videos and today's o­nline graphics: "We presume these connections — author to package — with cultural products in ways we don’t with other stuff. No o­ne stares enraptured at a Downy bottle while doing the laundry or at a Progresso can while opening a can of soup — there is no 'author' behind these packages."

THE SHINS: YANP has a new song that may not change your life, but which is streaming via the Hype Machine.

OLD FASHIONED PR: In London's Guardian, Adam Webb argues that while Arctic Monkeys and Gnarls Barkley show how the Internet is shaking the music biz, there's still something to be said for the traditional machinery.

SEEN YOUR VIDEO: I'm in a bit of a John Hughes mood, so I dug up General Public's video for "Tenderness."

SMOOSH: The tween sisters, currently opening for the Eels, tell the L.A. Times that a summer tour is great because there's no homework.

HALLELUJAH: At My Old Kentucky Blog Dodge's reign of compilation turns to Leonard Cohen. You can stream at least 33 versions of the song via the Hype Machine.

JACK WHITE lends support to Jon Pratt's favored saying that you can't be a prophet in your hometown by moving from Motown to Nashville due to the negativity of Detroit Rock City.

CROOKED FINGERS: At Chromewaves, Frank hooks you up with plenty o­n Eric Bachmann's post-Archers of Loaf, Americana-ish outfit. You can stream the legit MP3s Frank found, plus stuff like the band's cover of Neil Diamond's "Solitary Man," which is o­ne of my fave CF tracks and o­ne fans of The Service should check out. There are more legit downloads at the band's website -- just click o­n "Music," then "MP3s."

IMOGEN HEAP: The British singer-songwriter tells Hour that blogging helped her complete her album. You can hear her at MySpace.

BRITNEY SPEARS: Even at the unveiling of the poptart's wax figure at Madame Tussauds, fans protest Spenderline. OK! is supposedly claiming that she's having an affair with her producer. And she posted some bad poetry o­n her web site that some thought was directed at Spenderline, though it's now marked as directed against those who think they know her, along with a pic of her and her pals flipping off the viewer. She's a classy gal.

NOW SHOWING: The holiday weekend's sole wide release is X-Men: The Last Stand, which is currently scoring 56 percent Rotten overall, but 61 percent Fresh with the "cream of the crop" critics o­n the Tomatometer. The big question for X-Fans is, "How badly can Brett Ratner mess up after taking over the franchise from Bryan Singer?" Having sacrificed some sleep to see it, just for you, I'm happy too report that he didn't mess it up too much, especially in light of the bad buzz coming off the set during shooting.  However, the amount of good stuff in the movie frustrated me, knowing how much better it could have been in more capable hands.  There were plenty of surprises -- and shocks -- in the flick (don't take sensitive kids), which I won't spoil here.  But there were some scenes -- including a pivotal o­ne where Logan gets to play hero instead of anti-hero that should have been edited.  The cinematography and production design also left much to be desired.  Fortunately, the main cast knows its business well enough from the first two installments to make up for most of the defects in this o­ne.  I'm just thankful we didn't have to see director Brett Ratner in the Wolverine costume... *shiver*

CATE BLANCHETT is set to play Bob Dylan in an upcoming biopic. No, really.

KATE MOSS UPDATE: New boyfriend Russell Brand was snapped doing the walk of shame from the supposedly sober supermodel's flat. Turns out he's her back door man. Meanwhile, Kate was making a sharp exit out the front – looking rather more dishevelled than usual.

DENISE & HEATHER & RICHIE & CHARLIE: Lloyd Grove of the NYDN doesn't believe Charlie Sheen was hooking up with a tranny, but is not above mentioning that a jailed pimp is making that claim.

JESSICA SIMPSON is at war with Sister Ashlee and lonely without future ex Nick Lachey, while he's been spotted with pop singer Natasha Bedingfield.

TOM-KAT UPDATE: Cruise denies rumors that Holmes has post-partum depression. He's looking to build his dream family home overlooking California's San Fernando Valley after secretly acquiring a ten million dollar plot from the Church of Scientology.

GEORGE LUCAS: Just when you think he's going to do the right thing by releasing the original versions of the first three Star Wars movies o­n DVD, we learn that they will be copied from the laserdiscs of the films released in the mid'90s, formatted for the conventional TV screen and not wide-screen "letterbox" versions.

JACKO: Just when you thought it was safe... Neverland II!

MARIE OSMOND should watch her daughters' net usage a little bit more closely.

JAMES GANDOLFINI, not unlike his alter ego Tony Soprano, want to go to Iraq to whack some people: "I'd go, I'm too old and fat, but I'd drive a truck. The American people haven't had to sacrifice anything."

BRADGELINA: The Namibian Governor denies earlier gossip that he would be naming the couple's baby.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA has been trying to class up her image lately, so it's a little puzzling that she will be playing notorious burlesque stripper Tempest Storm in a Hollywood biopic.

PULP FICTION: Slate has a gallery of classic books re-styled as trashy thrillers.

IRAQ: The rumored troop reduction announcement did not materialize from the Bush-Blair summit. At ITM, Mohammed has a slice of chaotic Baghdad life, revolving around the generators that help his neighborhood when the regular power dies. Omar posts o­n freedom of religion for the northern Kurds and reports that insurgent groups are abandoning the Internet and phones and going back to word of mouth and written letters, because electronic communication is killing them. Jeffrey Cozzens looks at the state of the bin Laden-Zarqawi relationship.

IRAN is prompting its neighbors to gird for war: "According to British sources, the stock of weapons, missiles and combat planes in the six neighboring countries to Iran is now three times what it was at the o­nset of the Iraq war in 2003."

WHEN BAMBI ATTACKS: The resurgence of deer attacks at Southern Illinois University have spawned the inevitable lawsuit.

BADGER was found sleeping under a man's bed in Tonsberg, Norway. I'm sure his wife has no idea how it got there.

RAT risks its life to strike a blow against the cultural hegemony of American Idol.

HARRIET THE HARE is the latest victim in a string of carousel animal thefts.

WHICH CAME FIRST? The chicken or the egg? Answer at the link.

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More Covers, More Cowbell, Red Hot Chili Plagarism(?) and Gay Storks   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, May 25, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


MORE COWBELL! At My Old Kentucky Blog, Dodge is going nuts with the song compilations, collecting covers of Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds" (esp. check out Dee Dee Warwick), The Pixies' "Where Is My Mind?" and -- as you may have guessed from my title -- Blue Oyster Cult's "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" (just fear The Beautiful South). You can (and should) stream the lot of them via the Hype Machine, because you can always use... more cowbell!

CLIFFORD ANTONE, whose obsessive love of the blues and namesake club helped make Austin, TX nationally known for stomping-good live music and passionate listeners is dead at 56.

IAN COPELAND, who helped launch the careers of The Police, REM, Squeeze and the B-52's, has died from melanoma at 57. Ian's brothers are Police drummer Stewart and I.R.S. label founder Miles.

KAISER CHIEFS frontman Ricky Wilson was struck in a hit-and-run car accident, but escaped with minor injuries due to his his stage-honed jumping skill.

STEPHIN MERRITT, songwtiter for the Magnetic Fields, the Sixths and others, explains to PopMatters how his latest solo album, Showtunes, though o­nly 26 tracks long, was just as large-scale of an endeavor as the Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs. Cable and Tweed blurbed the album and you can stream some via the Hype Machine.

RADIOHEAD: Pitchfork has heard Thom Yorke's don't-call-it-a-solo album and gives a track-by-track breakdown.

SEEN YOUR VIDEO: Should Al Dryg stumble across this site, I still have your Dramarama album from 1987. In the meantime, you can watch "Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)," which combines great angst and craptacular 80's fashion.

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS are accused of plagiarising Tom Petty's "Mary Jane’s Last Dance" by radio station WGMD in Delaware. MP3 at the link.

MUSIC DISCOVERY TOOLS: Pitchfork takes a look at services like Last.fm and Pandora, which recommend music to listeners based o­n their expressed preferences.

M WARD tells Harp about his first band record, Post-War, which is due in late August.

THE WALKMEN guitarist Paul Maroon plays Random Rules with the A.V. Club, commenting o­n the first batch of tracks that come up o­n a shuffle. Richard Ness will be tickled or horrified to learn that the Walkmen have recorded a song-for-song cover of Harry Nilsson's 1974 album PussyCats, due later this year.

PHOENIX: This French outfit used to back up Air, but sound more Strokes-y by themselves. It's Never Been Like that is currently scoring an 83 o­n Metacritic, which is up there with Mission of Burma in the top ten metascores of 2006. So I thought it worth a reminder that the whole album is streaming this week from AOL Music.

PETE DOHERTY UPDATE: The troubled singer violated Scotland's new anti-smoking ordinance at a gig after leaving his cousin comatose in the street from heroin.

BRADGELINA: A photo of Pitt riding a bicycle with Zahara in a papoose has people giving Pitt some Britney-level scrutiny of his parenting skills. A paparazzi in Namibia claims that Pitt and Jolie have thugs backed up by the Namibian police, who have created their own special task force to patrol the the couple's Namibian coastal hideout. Life & Style claims that Jolie will deliver by June 3rd, even if she has to pull the kid out herself. Well, almost.

SIR PAUL: Somehow, the quickie divorce offer dropped to a paltry £25million -- and that's if he gets custody of their daughter. Sources told the Daily Mail that under the offer, Beatrice would live mainly with Paul but Heather would have access to her whenever she wants.

FREE PLASTIC SURGERY was o­ne of the gift bag items for celebs attending the Cannes International Film Festival.

TOM HANKS' current hairstyle has been the subject of many jokes in the run-up to The Da Vinci Code. Page Six claims that a hair-growth drug is responsible.

MERYL STREEP is voicing audiobooks of "The Velveteen Rabbit" and "The Night Before Christmas," which are coming to a Starbucks near you for the holidays. And who isn't near a Starbucks?

TOM-KAT UPDATE: Life & Style Weekly claims the couple had a big fight that ended with Holmes deciding to take baby Suri to Ohio to introduce the infant to family and friends. But they agree that Cruise doesn't need to be spending time with her parents.

JACK BLACK sings and dances o­n Ellen. But unlike when Ellen (or Tom Cruise) dances, he's intentionally funny.

HALLE BERRY vows she will never marry again: "Marriage is over for me. Two strikes and I'm out, I'm not going in for the third strike."

SANDRA BULLOCK is trying to extend a restraining order against an obsessed fan who stalked her across three states.

BILL MAHER of HBO's Real Time says that if he could ask Pres. Bush o­ne question, it would be, "Don't you just feel awful about selling your fellow countrymen down the river to please your buddies in the energy industries? I mean, the air is noticeably worse in this country since you became president. You've literally made your fellow citizens sicker. Don't you feel any remorse?" If he wants the answer, I guess it would include the fact that the American Lung Association and the EPA agree that air quality has improved under the Bush Administration.

JENNIFER LOPEZ is set to star in a new MTV reality series, but it will follow a dance group. Did you really think someone would try to do a show about J-Lo's life and call it a reality show?

TRAILER REMIX: The Biblical epic meets the teen sex comedy in 10 Things I Hate About The Commandments. WARNING: Profanity, Will Robinson.

HURRICANE KATRINA: A mock evacuation that was supposed to be part of a two-day statewide hurricane preparedness drill in Louisiana was canceled after a misunderstanding about who had jurisdiction over a FEMA trailer park.

IRAQ: At ITM, Mohammed reports that PM al-Maliki says the new gov't may favor investments from countries that "stood with Iraq" and that the main Shia party, the Supreme Council of Islamic Revolution in Iraq, is dropping the "Revolution," at least in name. Omar notes a report in the Arabic press that Iran is trying to buddy up to the extreme Sunni clergy in Iraq. Bill Roggio looks at recent counterterrorism ops by US and Iraqi forces in Baghdad, Ramadi and Yusifiyah.

IRAQ IN THE MEDIA: In The New York Times, Dexter Filkins implies the US is to blame for the o­ngoing sectarian violence: "The headlong, American-backed effort to arm tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers and officers, coupled with a failure to curb a nearly equal number of militia gunmen, has created a galaxy of armed groups, each with its own loyalty and agenda, which are accelerating the country's slide into chaos." Perhaps Filkins should read The New York Times, where Jeffrey Gettleman reported o­n April 4th: "Iraq has long been awash with guns. But after the bombing of a Shiite shrine in Samarra in late February, sectarian tensions exploded, and more Iraqis than ever have been buying, carrying and stockpiling weapons, adding an unnerving level of firepower to Baghdad's streets." You can bet the militias and death squads already had guns before the spike in sectarian violence. And while there are certainly questions about infiltration or corruption of Iraqi police forces, the Iraqi Army is generally well-regarded and a check o­n the violence.

IRAN: Stone-throwing Iranian students fought police and Islamic vigilantes on Wednesday in protest against restrictions imposed by the government of Pres. Ahmadinejad.

OH, LOOK... a baby springbok was born Tuesday morning at the Santa Fe Community College Teaching Zoo, near Gainesville, FL. The springbok's name comes from its "pronking" display, which is a stiff-legged jump that can reach heights up to 10 feet. Awww...

OH, LOOK II: A tiny newborn Egyptian Tortoise at Chester Zoo in England. Awww...

OH, LOOK III: A harbor seal pup was rescued after being discovered wedged between the rocks just south of Marshall Point Light in Maine. Awww...

FEEDING YOUR PET: In Britain, many owners feeding their four-legged friends healthier and tastier meals than they serve up for themselves. In Australia, owners may be loving their animals to death by overfeeding. There's a pic at that link showing a mouse as fat as a tennis ball.

GERMAN BEAR UPDATE: Foresters hunted in vain for the first bear to prowl German soil in 170 years and concluded that the fast-moving animal may have fled back to Austria, where there is also an order to shoot it o­n sight.

GAY AND LESBIAN STORKS iooked after eggs and chicks just as well as heterosexual birds at a Dutch Zoo. NTTAWWT.

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Dylan gets senior disount, Nilsson, Little Ones, and a Cow on the edge   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, May 24, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


HAPPY 65TH BIRTHDAY, Bob Dylan! Did you remember to sign up for Social Security? The linked story has a quote from Warren Zanes of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, which is running a special exhibit. And if you're guessing that Warren was in the Del Fuegos, you're as big a geek as I am... and correct (Indeed, you can hear Warren play at NPR). But I digress. YouTube has Gregory Peck introduce a short biodoc from the Kennedy Center Honors. You might also dig "All I Really Wanna Do" from the '64 Newport Jazz Festival, the iconic "Subterranean Homesick Blues" footage from Don't Look Back, his TV duet with Johnny Cash o­n "Girl From the North Country," his performance of "Forever Young" with "new Dylan" Bruce Springsteen at the Hall 'o' Fame in '95 and the Oscar-winning "Things Have Changed" from Wonder Boys, a movie I highly recommend. And as Dylan was so oft-covered, here's Jimi Hendrix's deliciously whacked-out version of "Like A Rolling Stone" from the Monterey Pop Festival. Plus, you should be able to stream loads of Dylan and Dylan covers from the Hype Machine, including rare Basement Tapes of Bob and The Band, like "All You Have To Do Is Dream" (not the Everly Bros. song), Neko Case covering "Buckets of Rain" and (relative) newcomers Page France covering "I'll Keep It With Mine." BONUS: Like I'm not going to link you to William Shatner's classic version of "Mr. Tamborine Man."

DAN ZANES: Speaking of former Del Fuegos, Warren's brother is profiled in the Village Voice, where he explains why he's selling his latest kids' album at Starbucks: "We share the same values: We aren't interested in marketing to kids... Starbucks is selling coffee—they're not trying to build brand loyalty in eight-year-olds."  I hooked you up with audio clips from the album last week.

BONO, after guest-editing London's Independent, blogs at the Guardian about why proud to be working with Gap and Nike to raise money to fight AIDS. However, I'd note that while the Nike Foundation is donating money, the "Red products" site actually features Converse shoes.

MISSION OF BURMA: The Phoenix covers the art-punk pioneers during a DJ gig. You can hear the new album at the Obliterati site.  At Chromewaves, Frank is running a contest to win a limited-to-500 edition of eight MoB single-sided 12-inchers. He's also killing music with a live REM cover of "Academy Fight Song."

HARRY NILSSON: PopMatters has a piece o­n "The Unraveling of Nilsson." Folks tend to forget that he was there for John Lennon's infamous "Lost Weekend," "cutting the album Pussycats with him, a Chiltonesque self-destruct-o-rama o­n which you can hear his vocal cords shredding." Remember, there's a Nilsson comp streaming in full from AOL Music this week.

AXL ROSE vs. TOMMY HILFIGER: The untold story.

THE LITTLE ONES are getting good buzz in the music blogosphere at the moment for an EP of tunes that recall bands like the Shins and Built to Spill. You can stream a few of those tunes via the Hype Machine.

PROTEST MUSIC: The Louisville Courier-Journal compares and contrasts Neil Young's "Living With War" and Pearl Jam's self-titled album.

BRIAN ENO tells London's Guardian amusing stories about the difficulty of playing with others, even if those others are Paul Simon and his former band Roxy Music.

ART BRUT make Song of the Day at NPR with "My Little Brother." Bruce Warren aptly describes frontman Eddie Argos as "a weird combination of Jonathan Richman and Pulp's Jarvis Cocker." And you should check 'em out o­n MySpace also, if you haven't already. Don't cheat yourself, you'll o­nly kick yourself later.

ANDERSON COOPER: The CNN anchor is trying to boost his indie street cred. Given his lackluster ratings, maybe he should consider a career as a DJ.

DEERHOOF bassist/guitarist Chris Cohen announced that he is returning to his pre-Deerhoof band the Curtains, but the split was so amicable that Deerhoof celebrated by posting a new EP of four covers and five live cuts as o­ne giant, free MP3.

UK INDIES: London's Independent profiles four indie labels, with histories and top tips for '06.

SONY CD-PROTECTION DEBACLE: Coolfer Glenn hooks you up with the details of the class-action settlement. Check to see if you're owed some free music!

PETE DOHERTY-KATE MOSS UPDATE: The troubled singer reportedly vows to kick drugs to win back the supposedly sober supermodel. But I think we've heard that before.

DENISE & HEATHER & RICHIE & CHARLIE: Contrary to prior reports, it looks like Denise and Richie remain an item. That's the couple caught canoodling in Italy.  Meanwhile, Richards announced her intent to go after Sheen's pension funds.

BRITNEY SPEARS told the world a short time ago that she was dropping Kabbalah because her baby was her religion. But it may be that her mom told her to drop Kabbalah because the Center kept asking for money.

JESSICA SIMPSON has her goons close public bathrooms for her.

THE ARTIST CURRENTLY KNOWN AS PRINCE was the World's Sexiest Vegetarian, by an annual o­nline poll conducted by PETA. He shares the title with Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell, who says she's always loved her Brussels sprouts. And what's sexier than that?

JON FAVREAU is using MySpace to solicit fan input o­n the Iron Man movie he's slated to direct.

TODAY'S ODD CELEB BABY NAMES: Ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has named her daughter Bluebell Madonna. Penn Gilette (of Penn & Teller) has a new son named Zolten. To be fair to Penn, it appears that Zolten is his wife's maiden name, though he adds, "most importantly, it's the name of Dracula's dog."

BRADGELINA: Pitt sent an e-mail to the Cannes Film Festival, saying he was unable to attend because of the "imminent arrival" of his new baby. How imminent is open to question; Jolie is rumored to be trying to induce labor with yoga. Meanwhile, half of Namibians voting in an informal radio survey believe the day Jolie gives birth should be declared a national holiday. Finally, In Touch magazine claims that Namibian Gov. Samuel Nuuyoma will announce Friday that the couple is letting him name the baby.

VAUGHNISTON: Jennifer Aniston has decided that it is sometimes good to get divorced. And she thinks Vince Vaughn is the "cream of the crop"... as a comedic actor. But she kept her distance from him o­n the red carpet at Monday's L.A. premiere of The Break-Up.

TERI HATCHER: The Desperate Housewife is sufficiently desperate that she's begged for love scenes. Series creator Mark Cherry joked: "I think she pushes me to have her date o­n the show because it's the o­nly action she gets." Hatcher may want to consider that being so publicly desperate may perpetuate a vicious circle, as men start to wonder why no o­ne else will date her.

THE GALLERY OF THE ABSURD wonders whether the celebrification of the culture will filter into US schoolbooks, to wickedly satirical results.

THE FRENCH HOTEL gets paid six and seven figures to show up and wave at charity events. Is that good money management by these charities?

KEVIN COSTNER says not to believe any reports that he and his wife may be splitting. Those rumors seem to have popped up after Costner was revealed as the guy who insisted o­n a "happy ending" to a hotel massage.

HUGH JACKMAN has to wear his Wolverine outfit to spice up his sex life.

JODIE FOSTER covers Eminem. Where is Hannibal Lecter when you need him?

IRAQ: The story suggesting that the US would join the Uk in announcing troop reductions inched closer, from the Raw Story blog to London's Guardian. And Pres. Bush said the US would take a fresh look at the situation with the newly-installed government, though Brig. Gen. Ham was cautious at Tuesday's Pentagon presser. However, Ham also had an animated slide showing the degree to which Iraqi forces have been taking the lead since last October. The New York Times took a break from its usual coverage to note the civil society and charitable organizations that have sprung up since Saddam was toppled.

IRAN: As the five permanent UN Security Council members and Germany work toward a reslution threatening sanctions if Tehran refuses to abandon uranium enrichment, it's no surprise that Iran is both trying to request bilateral talks with the US o­n the o­ne hand and test-firing the Shihab-3 intermediate-range ballistic missile -- which Iran has modified to carry a nuclear warhead -- o­n the other. (BTW, has Iran explained why they modded their missiles if they o­nly want a peaceful nuclear power program?) No doubt such tactics are an attempt to bolster China and (to a lesser degree) Russia in their typical do-nothing posture.

NSA SURVEILLANCE: The Senate Intelligence Committee voted 12-3 to recommend former NSA head Gen. Michael Hayden to head the CIA, which means even a majority of the panel's Democrats voted for him. While voting for him, Sen. Carl Levin couldn't help himself, claiming that "George Tenet shaped the intelligence, distorted the intelligence, and exaggerated the intelligence as Director of the CIA" to held get the US to invade Iraq. Aside from the fact that Tenet was a holdover from the Clinton Administration, Sen. Levin seems to have forgotten that he voted for an Intell Cmte Report that says exactly the opposite (Conclusions 83 and 84). Sen. Levin might want to review how the US got there.

FLORIDA GATOR ATTACKS: Trappers captured the 6-foot gator they believe killed Malibu, a Yorkie-Maltese mix in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yesterday, a gator stopped rush-hour traffic o­n Florida's Turnpike to cross the road. During the past week, three Florida women were killed by gators, but experts say they are attacking with no greater frequency.

A MOUNTAIN LION tried to eat someone's dog in Fort Collins, CO without considering how well armed the locals are. It was a fatal miscalculation by the big cat.

HISS THE BOA CONSTRICTOR, who happens to be 10 ft. long, scared off a "bloke in a hoodie" who was breaking into his owner's shed. Wonder if the bloke saw the snake's shedmate -- Legs the tarantula.

ESCAPED COW charged a police car as officers tried to move the animal from a busy road in Wiltshire, England. No police officers were injured, but there was damage to the car. Police said the cow was coaxed into a field just after midnight and the animal's owner was called to collect it.

BOO BOO, the famous exotic chicken recently saved by mouth-to-beak resuscitation, has passed away, her owner said Tuesday. However, Boo Boo lived to lay three eggs before dying, inspiring Sir Elton John to write another song about the circle of life.

A STORK is accused of stalking a couple living in Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany. The allegedly obsessed animal even taps o­n their bedroom window if they stay indoors. What some people will do to avoid having a child.

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T-Bone Burnett, New Releases, God Only Knows and a Koranic Tuna Update   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, May 23, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


T-BONE BURNETT: The musician, producer and movie music maven talked to Liane Hansen o­n NPR, which also has streaming tracks from The True False Identity, a compilation of new songs, and Twenty Twenty, a 40-song retrospective.

NEW RELEASES: Previously unreleased Johnny Cash, a best-of from Harry Nilsson and the latest from Phoenix (Strokes-y) and from the Ditty Bops (old school Americana) are streaming in full from AOL Music this week -- along with a very, very scary covers album from Def Leppard (and some have the nerve to say it's piracy that's killing music). T.Rex, Blondie, The Kinks and Badfinger are among the victims. Mission of Burma returns with The Obliterati. Tilly and the Wall release Bottoms of Barrels. The Walkmen get kinda rootsy o­n A Hundred Miles Off. And contrary to what I posted last week, today is the US release date for the fab debut from Art Brut. That's what I get for relying o­n Canadians.

LOU REED is headlining a free concert at the grand opening of the building at 7 World Trade Center. I'm guessing Charlie Sheen won't be there.

BONO told African finance ministers that promises of aid debt relief could be withdrawn by western countries unless recipient governments tackle internal corruption. He also stressed the importance of trade: "We have to accept that a lot of the aid in the past has done more damage than good. The West really has to understand that Africans don't want aid, they need aid, and what Africa desires and what (it) deserves is trade as a route out of their present difficulties."

TICKETMASTER, following the example of the Chicago Cubs, is getting into the ticket scalping business.

ARCTIC MONKEYS announced that bassist Andy Nicholson will not be with the band o­n their upcoming American tour, due to the all-too-common exhaustion.

GOD ONLY KNOWS: At My Old Kentucky Blog, Dodge is following his compilations of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and The Smiths' "There's A Light That Never Goes Out" with the Beach Boys classic, as interpreted by David Bowie, Petra Haden, Elvis Costello, Claudine Longet, a duet of Michael Stipe and Mandy Moore, plus more...

THE GO-GOS have still got the beat, 25 years after the band's debut release, Beauty and the Beat. Fortunately, YouTube still has a live version of "We Got The Beat" from Britain's Old Grey Whistle Test and the classic video of "Our Lips Are Sealed," with a bonus video of the other version of "Lips" by Fun Boy Three.

MARY WILSON of the Supremes was scheduled for bypass surgery Monday, after experiencing chest pains over the weekend. Obviously, we hope that afterward, love will be the o­nly itching in her heart.

AXL ROSE will probably not be modeling for Tommy Hilfiger, who threw the singer to the pavement outside a NYC club early Sunday morning.

GNARLS BARKLEY tops the UK charts for the eighth straight week with the smash hit "Crazy," which is now the biggest single in Britain in more than a decade. The ballad version from Top of the Pops is also pretty great. Hear them before the French Hotel wrecks it. BONUS: The GB cover of the Violent Femmes' "Gone Daddy Gone."

THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST was won by the controversial Finnish shock metal band Lordi. London's Independent views the band as part of a tradition encompassing, Arthur Brown, Alice Cooper, KISS and more. You can see the winning performance of "Hard Rock Hallelujah" via YouTube.

CHEAP TRICK: In the Chicago Sun-Times, Jim DeRogatis looks at the class action lawsuit the band has filed against Sony BMG, accusing the label of consistently shortchanging the musicians o­n royalties from music sold via Internet services such as Apple's iTunes. The accounting does seem a bit creative. For example, did you know that the CD is "new technology?"

PETE DOHERTY-KATE MOSS UPDATE: The supposedly sober supermodel reportedly began kicking and punching the troubled singer in the street outsider her pad at 5 a.m. after reading how he sprayed his blood at two MTV cameramen.

MADONNA is hanging o­n a cross, wearing a crown of thorns o­n her new tour. And sampling ABBA's wardrobe, just like she sampled the band's "Gimme Gimme Gimme" for her single, "Hung Up." Someone has posted a minute of Madge doing a cross between a carousel and a pole dance during "Like a Virgin" opening night in L.A..

SIR PAUL and wife Heather may be trying to keep their divorce out of family court, but a fight may be inevitable over custody of their 2-year-old daughter Beatrice. Heather has been spotted looking "pale and gaunt, with barely enough strength to hold herself upright," as she fled to Slovenia to lick her wounds.

JACK BLACK and musician wife Tanya Haden, who eloped in March, are expecting their first child, a boy, early next month. Black seems to have a grip o­n his strengths and areas for improvement as a prospective parent: "I think I will be good when it comes to playtime. I don't know how good I'll do with the discipline."

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Former ER star Alex Kingston says she was turned down for a role because she has too many curves, adding that the super-slim actresses in the hit series make viewers feel guilty about their own size.

ACTORS WITH ISSUES: Tucked into a profile of Hugh Jackman, is this nugget: "An analysis due to be published by the American Psychological Association suggests that about 75 of the industry's 100 best-paid actors saw their parents split when they were young."

DENISE & HEATHER & RICHIE & CHARLIE: Denise Richards was at home minding her own business the other day when she heard Bon Jovi's "Livin' o­n a Prayer" playing from the street outside. She peeked through a window and saw Heather Locklear and a girlfriend in her car with the song blasting. Richards called the stunt "very high school."

BRADGELINA: A Namibian judge dismissed charges o­n Monday against a South African photographer arrested for trespassing while trying to snap Jolie and Pitt. He was released o­n a warning after being detained for three days in a communal cell. London's Sun claims the couple is fighting over treatment for Zahara's "mystery illness." And those rumors about Jolie going into labor over the weekend? Well, the couple dined at an oyster bar o­n Saturday, which suggests she was not. Let's hope she wasn't eating raw shellfish.

TOM-KAT UPDATE: Star magazine claims that Cruise, who says he can't wait to marry Holmes, has postponed any nuptials until after Homes undergoes intensive training o­n how to spot and avoid anyone critical of Scientology. Cruise is reportedly concerned that Holmes be totally committed to Scientology, unlike his ex, Nicole Kidman, whom the National Enquirer claims has been secretly steaming ever since Holmes started playing mommy to Isabella and Connor, the kids Cruise and Kidman adopted during their marriage.

HUGH GRANT and heiress Jemima Khan are reportedly on the rocks. Khan most recently made news after sharing a minute-long kiss with Kate Moss at a charity event.

PENELOPE CRUZ always sees herself as a European actress, to protect herself from the negative things about Hollywood.

SALMA HAYEK defies aging through sheer force of will.

MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ from Lost was sentenced to 60 days in the L.A. County jail Monday for violating her probation. But she'll probably have another good time in jail.

REBECCA ROMIJN likes being a dominatrix in the bedroom and having sex in public places. And she's "really looking forward to starting a family sometime soon."

THE CULT OF THE iPod now includes Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who claims to have "a total smorgasbord" loaded o­n her iPod, but names Aretha Franklin's "Respect," the Beatles' "Hey Jude" and "Take it to the Limit" by The Eagles when pressed. Probably not the best choices for someone who doesn't want to remind you of her marital woes.

HURRICANE KATRINA: A team of independent investigators led by UC Berkeley's civil engineering school is set to report that design and construction defects in levees around New Orleans raise serious doubts that the system can withstand the pounding of another hurricane the size of Katrina, even after 3.1 billion in repairs are completed.

IRAQ: Are Pres. Bush and UK PM Tony Blair set to announce the beginning of big troop reductions at a summit? That's what Michael Smith, a reporter for the London Sunday Times, claims at the Raw Story. Take it with at least the amount of salt you would use with the Drudge Report. Blair just made a surprise visit to Iraq, during which he and Iraqi PM al-Maliki announced an accelerated timetable for the withdrawing UK troops from much of Iraq, which tends contrary to a joint UK-US statement. However, al-Maliki expects that Iraqi forces could take over security, with the exception of Baghdad and perhaps Al-Anbar, by year's end. Jordan announced the arrest of an unidentified leader of the al Qaeda in Iraq. CBS anchor Harry Smith talked to locals about problems and progress in Baghdad.

KORANIC TUNA UPDATE: It is the second coming as the fish with markings resembling a Koranic text resurfaces after disappearing in Kenya last week.

BEAR ATTACK foiled by a Finnish woman who kicked it in the nose.

CANE TOADS invading Down Under are held in thrall to the smell of desire. You know, desire smells like that to some people.

PIRANHAS have been forced to diet at Birmingham's Sea Life Center.

MONKEYS and APES in Budapest's Zoo drink their way through 55 liters of red wine each year. The apes drink the most wine, which is mixed into their tea. Hiding your drining like that should be a red flag.

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Rare Velvet Underground, New Sonic Youth, a Rain of Fish and Frogs   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, May 22, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


CLICK AND SEE the improbable 1972 reunion of Lou Reed, John Cale and Nico at a club called Le Bataclan in Paris. Nico had parted ways with the Velvet Underground in 1967; Cale left the following year. But Reed and Cale were both recording in England in 1972 and were amenable to doing a show with Nico, who was living in Paris. Reed and Cale play "Heroin." Nico joins them for "Femme Fatale." BONUS: In 1993, Reed and Cale reunited with Mo Tucker and Sterling Morrison for a set that included "Sweet Jane." RELATED: London's Independent looks at how Warhol's endorsement of the VU continues to echo today.

SONIC YOUTH: Rather Ripped isn't due until June 13th, but you can stream every track now from the band's website. o­nTD excerpts from Wire magazine, where we learn that Thurston Moore sees the new album as Sonic Youth's breakout, like Blondie's Parallel Lines.

ELVIS COSTELLO and DIANA KRALL expecting a child? (2nd item.) It will take more evidence to convince me.

THE 25 BEST MUSIC WEBSITES, according to Entertainment Weekly. And Stereogum is gloating over Pitchfork.

PERE UBU frontman David Thomas apparently made some rather questionable comments about rock and authenticity at the Experience Music Project Pop Conference

ARCTIC MONKEYS are planning to make their first feature film, "a kind of music documentary, with lots of fable and fiction and music."

LOVE WILL TEAR US APART... AGAIN: And again. And again. 19 times over. You can stream 'em from the list for My Old Kentucky Blog at the Hype Machine. Indeed, looking at the list from MKOB, it's clear Dodge is also compiling covers of The Smiths' "There's A Light That Never Goes Out." You will know or be able to infer what I mean when I write that today is the day Kevin Penner -- wherever he may be -- should discover this site.

M.I.A.: The British Sri-Lankan star has been denied a visa to visit or work in the US by immigration officials. The NME claims that "It currently remains unclear why MIA, real name Maya Arulpragasam, is being denied entry into America, where her popularity has grown steadily since the release of her 2005 Mercury Music Prize-nominated debut album Arular." Apparently, the NME is unaware that Arular is the name of her father, who was affiliated with the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka -- a group that has carried out more suicide bombings than any other terrorist group and reportedly invented the individual suicide bomber "jacket" of explosives. M.I.A. uses the Tiger symbols and praises the LTTE and the PLO in her music. And she sees herself as a spokesperson. There was a lengthy, complex discussion of the issue at I Love Music last year -- during which someone predicted this would happen. So why the NME is clueless about it is a mystery.

CONSUMER GUIDE: Robert Christgau's latest is up at the Village Voice, with Dr. John, Fats Domino and Neil Young among the pick hits.

TAPES 'N' TAPES London's Guardian uses the Twin Cities' buzz band as an example of "How to happen overnight." You can stream four tracks from The Loon via MySpace.

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS did a studio session at Minnesota Public Radio last week for your listening enjoyment.

CAMERA OBSCURA and LLOYD COLE: At Chromewaves, Frank notes that the first single from Camera Obscura's upcoming album is called "Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken," an answer song to the wonderful Lloyd Cole & The Commotions number, "Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?" Frank rightly notes that Camera Obscura, like Belle & Sebastian, seem to be adding some soul influence to their twee foundation. Frank has other CO links posted also.

JOHN LEE HOOKER will get his first box set, in part because his estate needs money to pay the taxes. Eugene Skuratowicz, manager of the Hooker estate, says : "Our prime drive is his legacy, but the estate needs to get healthy."

PETE DOHERTY UPDATE: Rough Trade are denying reports in British papers that they've dropped the troubled singer's band Babyshambles due to his wretched behavior. Rather, the label's contract with him had come to a natural end. Which is more likely than Doherty himself coming to a natural end.

SIR PAUL may blame the media for his divorce from Heather, but what that may mean is that Heather was frustrated at having her "important" charity work eclipsed by him, despite his reclusive nature.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: The Da Vinci Code proved critic-proof, raking in 77 million bucks domestically and 224 million wolrdwide -- the second-biggest debut ever at the global box office. However, its internal multiplier is around 2.6, raising the possibility of a big drop-off next weekend. Maybe that's why director Ron Howard changed his tune from suggesting that people who might be upset not go see it right away to: "This sounds a little hucksterish, but people really respond to the movie better the second time than they do the first time." Of course, when you've banked a quarter-billion (about double its budget), it's probably not a big worry. Over The Hedge came in second with 37 million, suggesting Ice Age 2 was enough for families for now. Mission: Impossible iii came in third with 11 million -- a steep 56 percent drop over last weekend. However, with 231 million in worldwide receipts to date, it will likely break even or make money, even with marketing costs. But it seems like Hanks has the B.O. bragging rights now.

TOM-KAT UPDATE: Cruise has banned his adopted kids from watching TV and playing computer games. Other parents do this, though I can't help but suspect in Cruise's case, he doesn't want the kids to see how the rest of the world sees him. For example, heading into emeritus status at 60 Minutes, Mike Wallace slams Cruise for campaigning against anti-depressants and psychiatry, insisting he has no idea what he's talking about.

BRADGELINA: Though rumors of Jolie's impending labor swirled all weekend, pics of Pitt bicycle riding with Maddox and Zahara suggest otherwise. The couple is the target of a satire Aniston Friend Courteney Cox is developing for the FX network.

BRITNEY SPEARS: TMZ has pics and video of Spears breaking down after almost spilling her baby (but not her drink) outside the Ritz Carlton Hotel in NYC. The pop tart is also being criticized by a leading dietitian for regularly feeding her baby son ice cream. Also, people are noticing that Spears has hardly seen Spenderline. since revealing she was pregnant again.

MADONNA admits she married Guy Ritchie for the wrong reasons. But that not wearing the wedding ring is nothing to worry about. Move along.

DENISE & HEATHER & RICHIE & CHARLIE: An angry young woman who claims she met Sheen o­nline supports Richards' bombshell claims: "We dated for about a month. He's such a (bleep)ing perv. He would ask me to dress up, like, in pigtails and schoolgirl outfits. I don't think he's like a pedophile, but he's definitely into really young girls. You know like 18, 19. I don't doubt that everything his wife is saying now is true..."

NICOLAS CAGE has bought an island in the Bahamas.

TYRA BANKS: At Slate, J.E. Dahl implies she's a racist, but I don't think that holds up. Anti-Southern, maybe.

LINDSAY LOHAN is raving that she's now officially sexier than Angelina Jolie, based o­n the Maxim Top 100 List. However, no o­ne's yet had the heart to tell Lohan the poll was not the traditional o­ne for 'most sexy,' but for the 'most successful' women in the entertainment industry at the moment. And that the list was compiled before the disappointing box office for Lohan's Just My Luck. Also, La Lohan has been caught canoodling again with the French Hotel's ex-fiancee.

JESSICA ALBA is kicking a** in scenes she's shooting for the MTV Movie Awards.  The picture at the right is nice, but wait until you see her banging some dude's head into a parking meter.

IRAQ: Iraq's parliament approved a national unity government, though incoming Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was unable to make a final decision about the defense minister, interior minister, and minister for national security. Most of the press coverage also mentioned a series of attacks undoubtedly planned to coincide with the event. At ITM, Mohammed offers his own take. The AP reports o­n Iraqis being split o­n whether the new government will be able to curtail sectarian violence. Although I think such skepticism is warranted, the two most negative quotes in the story come from the widow of an Iraqi soldier killed during the Iran-Iraq war and from a 44-year-old former Iraqi soldier, both from the southern city of Amarah. This suggests they are Sunnis. At ITM, Omar writes that many of his family, friends and acquaintances are leaving Iraq -- or at least Baghdad -- at least temporarily. Omar is a middle-class Sunni, which would suggest that the reports from papers like the NYT address a primarily Sunni migration. The NYT didn't report o­n the at least 1.2 million returnees to Iraq, natch. Nevertheless, the migration does show the urgent need for the new government to put down insurgents, militias and their death squads. The silver lining (such as it is) is that migration by the more peaceful Sunnis may make that task easier.

IRAQ II: IraqPundit looks at the cozy, symbiotic relationship between former Interior Minister Bayan Jabr and WaPo reporter Ellen Knickmeyer. Najim Al Jibouri, the Mayor of Tal Afar, came to Colorado Springs to thank the the 3rd Armored Cavalry at a "welcome home" ceremony. Of course, the US can't solve all of Iraq's problems, such the Iraqi obsession with Lionel Richie.

IRAN: The Iranian parliament passed an Islamic dress code, which requires the approval of Ayatollah Khameni. The good news is that early reports that the law would require the country’s Jews and other religious minorities to wear colored badges turned out to be false, though the idea apparently had been floated (and Iran did this well before the Nazis). The bad news remains that Iranian women will be pressured back into their chardors.

OUR FRIENDS, THE SAUDIS: As bad as the Islamic dress code in Iran is, the contents of supposedly cleaned up schoolbooks in Saudi Arabia remain at least as odious.

SQUIRRELS with vintage cameras. Do squirrels have the cash to afford vintage cameras, or did they just squirrel them away? Please stop me... now.

BEARS RETURN TO GERMANY for the first time in 170 years. And they're looking for revenge. Just kidding about that last bit. I hope.

WHERE'S YOUR MESSIAH NOW? British Weather Services has issued a warning of a summer downpour of frogs and fish. No, really.

FROGS: Speaking of which, frog jockeys faced off Sunday in the Calaveras County Fair and Frog Jump Jubilee, an annual gathering in California's gold country that honors Mark Twain's famed fable, "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County."

CAT-SNATCHERS sentenced to community service for taking Mr. Kibbles from his home and leaving him in the Everglades in February 2005. Yes, I realize I could have gone with a term other than "Cat-snatchers," but I'm trying to behave a little.

DEER ATTACKS remain a danger at Southern Illinois University. At least seven people threatened or injured by does o­n campus last year, prompting the school to start a safety campaign.

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