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Kinks, Rhett Miller, Amos Lee, Sugar, 4 Decades of No. 1 hits, Maru   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, February 25, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



...with THE KINKS! Live at the Rainbow Theater, 1972.  There's documentary footage intercut, but your setlist includes "Till the End of the Day," "Waterloo Sunset," "Top of the Pops," "The Money-go-Round," "Sunny Afternoon," "She's Bought a Hat Like Princess Marina," "Alcohol," "Acute Schizophrenia Paranoid Blues," and -- of course -- "You Really Got Me." PLUS: Ray Davies has revealed he's still suffering from the effects of a gunshot wound he sustained over seven years ago.

RHETT MILLER  of The Old 97's recently performed a studio session for KEXP.

AMOS LEE stopped by the World Cafe for a chat and mini-set.

GEORGE HARRISON would have turned 68 today. The Concert for George is streaming all day Friday.

CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE does its final four free songs for Daytrotter.

TV on the RADIO drops "Will Do" in advance of Nine Types of Light.

THE WATSON TWINS drop a cover of The Turtles' "You Showed Me" in advance of their Night Covers EP.

SUGAR, Live at Cat's Cradle, Nov. 19, 1994.

EVERY NUMBER ONE POP HIT through 1993, five seconds apiece. Very cool, natch.

THE JAGS have your number written on the "Back of My Hand." From TOTP and the "Where Are They Now?" file.

THE JAYHAWKS have been guest-editing Magnet. Gary Louris did an advance interview with the mag and has written about topics including the Minnesota Twins, Spain, and Crosswords, while Mark Olson has essayed Movies, Books, Food, the Violin and more...

THE 90s are discussed and surveyed in videos by All Songs Considered.  It's a nice counterpart to The A.V. Club's just-completed 10-part series, "Whatever Happened to Alternative Nation?"

OMD: Andy McCluskey talks to PopMatters about putting the band back together.

BRITISH SEA POWER: Scott "Yan" Wilkinson and Martin Noble talk to Drowned in Sound about a decade making music, popular insanity and more...

CUTOUT BIN: From Big Audio Dynamite to the Beatles, from Otis Redding to Wire, from Richard Hell to Van Morrison, plus Springsteen, Fine Young Cannibals, Edwyn Collins, Echo & the Bunnymen and more -- this Friday's fortuitous finds are now streaming from the Pate page at the ol' HM.

NOW SHOWING: This weekend's wide releases are the Farrelly Bros comedy Hall Pass, which is currently scoring 34 percent on the ol' Tomatometer; and Nic Cage in Drive Angry, which is scoring 48 percent, albeit on a small sample of reviews at the moment.

CHARLIE SHEEN: CBS and Warner Bros. are pulling the plug on the highly rated Two and a Half Men for the rest of the season, after Sheen dialed into the nutty Alex Jones Show to blast show creator Chuck Lorre, Alcoholics Anonymous and... wait for it... Thomas Jefferson.  Sheen has responded to the shutdown with a wacky open letter.  Also, his latest galpal has been identified as a cannabis magazine cover girl. Charlie keepin' it klassy.

LINDSAY LOHAN: Prosecutors in her grand theft case believe the store surveillance video is strong evidence against her and one source even described it as a "smoking gun."

CHRISTINA AGUILERA is reportedly doing some heavy boozing, according to a piece in the print version of Us Weekly.

DAVID ARQUETTE wants to get back together with wife Courteney Cox - but for now, the decision is up to her.

REMAKES: The Bodyguard and Soapdish are Hollywood's latest recycling projects.

RANDY QUAID says he's won his legal fight to stay in Canada, in a stunning victory over the "Hollywood star-whackers" who were bent on killing actors like him.  Quaid and hsi wife face felony burglary charges in the US.

BILL MURRAY comments on Ghostbusters 3.

MEMPHIS, the MLK flick written and directed by Paul Greengrass, has been picked up by Universal.

10 MOVIES the Oscars Made Famous.

20 LOVE STORIES for People Who Hate Love Stories.


THE KING'S SPEECH could become the first Oscar-winner to be shot on the same set as a gay pr0n video. And an Amy Winehouse video.

TERROR in the USA: The US charged a Saudi man attending college in Texas with plotting to carry out attacks in the US. Khalid Ali Aldawsar studied electrical engineering, purchased explosives over the Internet, and planned on attacking dams, a nuclear plant, and the home of former President George W. Bush.

IRAN is expanding its covert global search for the uranium it needs for its nuclear activities and a key focus is Zimbabwe.

SYRIA may have been building a secret nuclear-related site near Damascus, possibly linked to a site bombed by Israel in 2007.

YEMEN: After an escalation in violence between supporters and opponents of the Yemeni government in Sana, the capital, this week, President Ali Abdullah Saleh has instructed security forces to protect demonstrators and thwart clashes between the two sides.

LIBYA: Forces loyal to Gaddafi and rebels are battling in western areas of the country; fighting has been reported just 30 miles outside Tripoli. Large numbers of army units and other security forces have defected.  Insurgent commanders said they have sent troops for an offensive against Tripoli and residents of the capital prepared their first mass demonstration in days on Friday. The so-called UN Human Rights Council may not condemn Gaddafi today.

AFGHANISTAN: After years of fighting for control of a prominent valley in the rugged mountains of eastern Afghanistan, the US military has begun to pull back most of its forces from ground it once insisted was central to the campaign against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

MARU the BOX CAT faces her biggest challenge evah.

SEXY MONKEYS wash with their own urine. Sixty percent of the time, it works all the time.

AN ALLIGATOR was washed into a Brazilian home by floodwaters.

FAMILY DOG as fire alarm.

SHANGHAI adopts a one-dog policy.

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Gang of Four, Luyas, Baseball Project, Kurt Vile, Dancing Goat   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, February 24, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


DESTROYER made its network TV debut, playing "Downtown" for Fallon. 

GANG OF FOUR stopped by Morning Becomes Eclectic for a session. 

LUYAS are advance streaming Too Beautiful to Work. The band, "influenced by Laurie Anderson and Bob Dylan," are profiled by the Montreal Gazette. (Thx, LHB.)

THE BASEBALL PROJECT is streaming six tracks from their new album via ESPN.

KURT VILE played the the World Cafe Live; you can stream the whole gig on demand.

THE VANDELLES drop "My Time" in support of a new EP. For fans of JAMC-esque noise-pop.

ALICE COOPER is profiled by Morning Edition in advance of his Rock & Roll hall of Fame induction.

THE HIVES: "Hate to Say I Told You So."

NEKO CASE used Twitter to host a discussion of why female rock stars don't get groupies. Reax at Metafilter. (Thx, Chromewaves.)

SUUNS: Ben Henry talked to The Quietus about scaring fans, the Montreal scene and why it's good to be sexy.

THE DEARS: Murray Lightburn talks to the Globe and Mail about the band's quasi-reunion.

THE 10 BEST PROTEST SONGS, according to Dorian Lynskey, author of a new history of the genre.

CHARLIE SHEEN screened Jaws on a 100-foot yacht, accompanied by hs new galpal and adult film actress Bree Olson. Sheen's soon-to-be ex-wife Brooke Mueller has moved back in with him, according to RadarOnline.  Indeed, Radar now claims that Sheen has taken the three women on a tropical vacation.  CBS is asking focus groups about doing Two and a Half Men without him. 

LINDSAY LOHAN was working on a plea deal, but decided to go to trial after learning the judge would require jail time; the prosecutor wanted six months.

RHIANNA and... Ryan Phillippe?

BILLY RAY CYRUS is trying to get his act together after making explosive comments about his family, including daughter Miley Cyrus.

HALLE BERRY & GABRIEL AUBRY: He is moving from LA to NYC to care for their daughter while she films a movie. It's the intersection of sweet and self-interested.

ROYAL WEDDING SECRETS for royal wedding secret-cravers.

JAMES FRANCO & ANNE HATHAWAY talk Oscar hosting with The Hollywood Reporter, which also reports on this year's differences from prior shows.

IRAN: The US Treasury designated the head of the Basij militia and Tehran's prosecutor general for human rights abuses. The two Iranian warships have transited the Suez Canal and are en route to Syria. Senegal cut ties with Iran after the latter shipped weapons to rebels.

OUR FRIENDS, THE SAUDIS are handing out 37 billion dollars in chilling-out money to head off protests.

BAHRAIN: The government freed more than 50 political prisoners, and said it would permit peaceful demonstrations, in an attempt to appease protesters.

LIBYA: According to Swedish tabloid Expressen, Libya's ex-justice minister claims Gadhafi personally ordered the Lockerbie bombing that killed 270 people in 1988. The Italian government estimated that more than 1,000 people have been killed during the insurrection. More than one-half of the country is out of government control. The US fears Gaddafi might use mustard gas. Regardless of what comes next in Libya's lethal political standoff, the OPEC country's oil sector is nearly certain to suffer, bringing long-lasting supply disruptions or even permanent damage.

PAKISTAN's ISI spy agency is ready to split with the CIA because of frustration over what it calls heavy-handed pressure and its anger over what it believes is a covert US operation involving hundreds of contract spies.

AFGHANISTAN: Two think-tankers argue in the NYT that there is increasing evidence that Afghanistan is moving in a more positive direction than many analysts think. But Afghanistan has appealed for the US to provide security assistance beyond 2014.

DANCING GOAT: More like prancing, I think.

CHEETAH CUBS climb a tree at safari camp. Awww...some pics.

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: A spider with a human face. Help me!

SNAKE on a TRAIN: A woman who lost her three-foot long boa constrictor on the Boston Metro has been issued with a hefty bill for cleaning costs.

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Lykke Li, More New Releases, Radiohead, Corgi & Goat   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


CUT COPY have a video out for "Need You Now," which has a bit of an 80s vibe, imho.

LYKKE LI is advance streaming Wounded Rhymes.

THE RURAL ALBERTA ADVANTAGE is advance streaming Departing.

PAPERCUTS are advance streaming Fading Parade.

NEW RELEASES REDUX: Spinner has updated with selections from Adele, Johnny Cash, Earth Girl Helen Brown, Cave Singers, Phil Spector, Darlene Love, the Crystals, the Ronettes, Billy Preston and more...

RADIOHEAD: Is the King of Limbs the Album of the Year... or Album of the Century?

SMOKEY ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES: "Tears of a Clown." Originally released in 1967, but it didn't become a hit until 1970. Sometimes, a hit takes time.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS talks to Aquarium Drunkard about the new album, working with Don Was and Elvis Costello, how themes are a tough thing to nail down sometimes and why she probably shouldn't read blog comments about her own records.

JAMES: Lead singer and lyricist Tim Booth looks back on a decades-long career with PopMatters.

LISSIE talks to Spinner about gender in pop music, slags the people who shot her new video and more...

THE CONCRETES: PopMatters chatted with guitarist Daniel Värjö about moving on without Victoria Bergsman, the band's new disco grooves, and musical influences ranging from Anthony Russell to My Morning Jacket.

BRITNEY SPEARS made half a million dollars from product placements in her new music video. She's also moving into an 18.9 million dollar mansion.

ALYSSA MILANO and her husband Dave Bugliari are expecting their first child.

CHARLIE SHEEN gets a Major League snub.

LINDSAY LOHAN's comeback producer could work around a trial for grand theft, but a quick jailing on a probation violation would be a problem. Where's my tissues?

BRADGELINA: Pitt's parents are moving in with the clan in the south of France?

JUSTIN BIEBER cut his hair. OMG, etc.

ROSIE O'DONNELL has split with her girlfriend of over a year, Tracy Kachtick- Anders, sources tell Page Six.

STAR BLAZERS to become a large scale live action feature? Oh my.

AMANDA SEYFRIED is interviewed by Justin Timberlake.

IRAN: Two Iranian naval vessels entered the Suez Canal. Ahmadinejad's regime arrested opposition leader Karroubi's son. A group calling itself the "Iran cyber army" claimed responsibility Tuesday for hacking into a number of Voice of America internet pages. The National Iranian Drilling Company evacuated its staff and ceased drilling activities in Libya.

LIBYA: The Times newspaper said Wednesday it had footage of severely wounded and dead protesters in a Libyan hospital which proved that heavy weapons were being used to crush the uprising. Former Gaddafi No.2, Abdul Fatah Younis, turned on the regime... and he may have been kidnapped.

EGYPT: With Mubarak gone, the Muslim Brotherhood is finding the prospect of democracy a mixed blessing.  The MB is considering setting up its own media outlets.

AFGHANISTAN: Recent defeats and general weariness after nine years of war are creating fissures between the Taliban's top leadership based in Pakistan and midlevel field commanders, who have borne the brunt of the fighting and are reluctant to return to some battle zones, Taliban members said in interviews.

A CORGI and a BABY DWARF GOAT, living together...Mass hysteria!

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: A parrot on roller-skates steals the show.

SMOKEY the CAT goes for a record-setting 92 decibel purr.

PET OBESITY: A growing epidemic.

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New Releases, Local Natives, Justin Townes Earle, Cats & Cups   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, February 22, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE NATIONAL, Live in NYC for MTV.  Way more thanTwofer Tuesday.

NEW (and not-so-new) RELEASES from Drive-By Truckers, PJ harvey, Yuck, Mumford & Sons, Band of Horses and more are streaming from Spinner... unless they update their selections today.

LOCAL NATIVES stopped by Morning Becomes Eclectic for a session... and played a Tiny Desk Concert.

JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE stopped by The Current for a chat and mini-set.

IRON & WINE recently performed a studio session for KUT in Austin, Texas.

WAVVES dropped "Horse Shoes" as another possible single or something.

THE HOLLIES: "I Can't Let Go."

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS: Mike Cooley talks to the Washington City Paper about the Keith Richards memoir and the craft of songwriting and being a frontman.

DAWES: Taylor Goldsmith and Tay Strathairn talk to the Daily Bruin about recording in analog, playing with their heroes and more... (Thx, LHB.)

THE MONKEES are to reform for a tour celebrating the group's 45th anniversary... minus Mike Nesmith, natch.

IS FOOD the new indie rock?

CHARLIE SHEEN seems to have a new galpal, but wants to move his ex-wives next door. Meanwhile, he invited former baseball stars over for a screening of Major League, while one of his recent companions terminated a pregnancy that could have been Sheen's.

JOHN TRAVOLTA got snapped sans hairpiece.

MAD MEL UPDATE: Baby mama Oksana Grigorieva rejected a 15 million dollar peace deal with the star "to see where the chips might fall" in court, emails reveal.

MATTHEW MORRISON and OLIVIA MUNN looked pretty chummy at a hockey game in New York Sunday night.

THE FARRELLY BROTHERS talk to the WSJ about Hall Pass and The Three Stooges.

SKINS, the controversial MTV teen drama, is hemorrhaging viewers.

SUPERMAN: Is Zach Snyder adding Kevin Costner to the reboot cast?

IRAN: Ayatollah Khamenei praised recent revolts around the Arab world as Islamic and said they should be consolidated. Opposition street protests continued in various parts of Tehran.

SUDAN: President Omar al-Bashir will not stand for re-election, an official of his National Congress Party said on Monday, insisting, however, that he was "not under pressure" from the wave of protests rocking the Arab world.

LIBYA: Gaddafi appeared on state television in one of his trademark crazy costumes on Tuesday signalling his defiance and saying he had not fled a revolt against his 41-year rule.  As warplanes and helicopters fired on protesters, Libya's diplomats at the UN in New York called for international intervention to stop the government's violent action against street demonstrations in their homeland. A video purports to show Libyan soldiers slain for refusing to fire on civilians.

EGYPT: More details have emerged of Lara Logan's terrifying ordeal at the hands of a frenzied mob.

PAKISTAN: The American arrested in Pakistan after shooting two men at a crowded traffic stop was part of a covert, CIA-led team collecting intelligence and conducting surveillance on militant groups deep inside the country, according to American government officials.

CATS & CUPS: Let's go to the video.

BUSY BEAVERS wear out their welcome at a Wisconsin yacht club.

CAT VOLDEMORT finds a home.

CLEVER SHEEP: The most dangerous of creatures.

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Lucinda Williams, Fitz & the Tantrums, Gregg Allman, Cat Laser Bowling   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, February 21, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


RADIOHEAD released King of Limbs a day early, along with the video for "Lotus Flower."

LUCINDA WILLIAMS is advance streaming Blessed.

FITZ & THE TANTRUMS stopped by the World Cafe for a chat and mini-set.

GREGG ALLMAN also stopped by the World Cafe for a chat and mini-set.

JUNIP drops "Näckrosdammen" in advance of a new EP.

THE DUM DUM GIRLS cover The Smiths classic, "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out."

THE CARS -- including Ric Ocasek, but not the late Ben Orr, natch -- release "Blue Tip" in advance of the upcoming reunion LP, Move This.  Sonically, somewhere between Panorama and Shake It Up.

TED LEO talks to the L.A. Times about playing sans the Pharmacists.

DEERHOOF: Satomi Matsuzaki talks to Boulder Weekly about giving the drummer some, elementary school ballet and more... (Thx, LHB.)

SMASING PUMPKINS' new bassist was one of the kids on the cover of Siamese Dream.

RUFUS WAINWRIGHT has a baby through the surrogacy of Leonard Cohen's daughter.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Unknown is this weekend's surprise No. 1 with 21.8 million against a 30 million budget (which it might meet today, given the holiday).  Unknown was marketed like Taken and got roughly similar reviews, which bodes well... though I wonder whether the "father's revenge" angle wasn't a big part of Taken's legs.  I Am Number Four debuted at No. 2 with 19.5 million against a 60 million budget.  Gnomeo and Juliet are just behind with 19.4 million, lacking any competition for the kid's audience.  Just Go With It, last week's topper, is No. 4 (as opposed to Number Four) with 18.2 million; this looks to run to about 100 million, which is a good thing, given its 80 million budget.  Big Mommas rounds out the Top Five with 17 million against a 32 million budget.  Below the fold, the Bieber movie lands in sixth place, dropping about 54 percent (which is a smaller drop than the Hannah Montana movie had).  Also, The King's Speech broke the 100 million mark, as did Black Swan further down the chart.

LINDSAY LOHAN had a very late night out with ex-gf and new neighbor Samantha Ronson, but assures us that she was sober, so as not to risk her probation.  But that probation is why Lohan could go to jail for more than a year for allegedly stealing that necklace ... and it could happen without a jury, without a trial .... without grand theft charges even being pursued.

ASHLEE SIMPSON & PETE WENTZ: Is her creepy Dad against reconciliation, or did Wentz not trust her partying ways?

DENISE RICHARDS wants on to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. How's the career going?

THE FRENCH HOTEL shopping for an engagement ring?

HAILEE STEINFELD, Oscar-nominee for True Grit, has Paramount crafting a star vehicle for her.

SAM KINISON: The late comic is the birth father of a friend's daughter, according to DNA testing.

THE CHRONICLES of NARNIA: Executive producer of Perry Moore was found dead in his SoHo apartment after an apparent overdose, sources said. He was 39.

THOR has a new, Natalie Portman-heavy trailer online.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: Though now lumped in with everyone for Presidents' Day, tomorrow is the birthday of the "Father of his Country."  In 1776, David McCullough notes that when Washington took command in July 1775, he thought he would be home at Mount Vernon by Christmas. McCullough catalogs Washington's blunders -- many of them nearly fatal to the Cause -- but concludes: "He was not a brilliant strategist or tactician, nor a gifted orator, not an intellectual... He had made serious mistakes in judgment. But experience had been his great teacher from boyhood... and above all, Washington never forgot what was at stake, and he never gave up." That, as much as anything, is why Washington is usually ranked among the greatest of US presidents. not to mention the subject of a profane, animated rap cartoon.

TUNISIA: Hundreds of Tunisians demonstrated Saturday for a secular state following the murder of a Polish priest, verbal attacks on Jews and an attempt by Islamists to set fire to a brothel.

BAHRAIN: The US offered a rosy assessment of the country before the current crackdown.  Protesters retook a major square in the heart of the island nation's capital Saturday -- a dramatic turn of events two days after security forces ousted demonstrators from the spot in a deadly attack.

OUR FRIENDS, THE SAUDIS are a bit nervous about the unrest next door in Bahrain. Saudi authorities have detained several activists who tried to set up the kingdom's first political party.

LIBYA: Intense violence has been reported in Libya's second city, Benghazi, with troops said to have opened fire again on anti-government protesters. More than 200 people are known to have died, doctors say, with 900 injured. After anti-government unrest spread to the Libyan capital and protesters seized military bases and weapons Sunday, Moammar Gadhafi's son went on state television to proclaim that his father remained in charge with the army's backing and would "fight until the last man, the last woman, the last bullet."

EGYPT: Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi led prayers during a massive gathering at Cairo's Tahrir Square, during which he asked the Egyptian army to open wide the Rafah crossing and to pray for the re-conquest of Jerusalem by the Muslims, so that he and the Muslims could pray in security at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

AFGHANISTAN: The Obama Administration has entered into direct, secret talks with senior Afghan Taliban leaders, according to The New Yorker.

CAT LASER BOWLING: Let's go to the video.

TINY BABY BADGERS are lucky to be alive after being saved from British floods last week by their quick-thinking mother. Awww...some pics at the link.

MS. BEATHA LEE, a shaggy, dirty-white Wheaten terrier, was elected president of the Hillbrook-Tall Oaks Civic Association in Annandale, VA.

A RED SQUIRREL conservation group is appealing for funds and supporters in Northumberland. I'm thinkin' they should ask Prince Charles.

COW vs MOTORCYCLIST ends as you would expect.

THOUSANDS OF SHARKS under alien mind control have been spotted just off the coast of south Florida, according to the Weekly World News.

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