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Faith No More, Hush Sound, Smart Rock, Sara the Walrus   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, December 03, 2008 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


FAITH NO MORE seems to be reuiniting. I think I speak for FNM fans when I say, "We Care A Lot." It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.

THE HUSH SOUND does the four free songs thing for Daytrotter. Jaunty!

THE TOP 10 "SMART ROCK" ALBUMS of 2008, according to KUT, with streaming tracks.

OASIS: Noel Gallagher talks to The Current about a recent fan attack and his fascination with guns.

A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR YOU FROM PHIL SPECTOR, downloadable from Amazon for 1.99.

LOW has released a video for their new single, "Santa's Coming Over." And it's really creepy.

CONOR OBERST gets a segment on NPR's Morning Edition, plus a relink to last month's full concert.

THE LONG BLONDES may be long gone, but ex-guitarist Dorian Cox is hoping to play again, with therapy from a bionic hand.

MY MORNING JACKET drummer Patrick Hallahan lists a few of his favorite things for ClashMusic.

TEN SONGS LED ZEPPELIN STOLE, according to Earfarm.

JESSICA ALBA: Just when the weather turns cold, the Alba returns in a Club Campari calendar. Phew!

DENNIS HOPPER spoke with The A.V. Club about his latest movie, Elegy, and other scattered pieces of his filmography, including Rebel Without A Cause.

MADONNA and A-ROD are quietly shopping for love nests on the Upper East Side and on the East End, sources told Page Six

BRADGELINA: Pitt tells the Today show that he truly feels rich around his family, which is probably easier to say when you have a gazillion dollars.

GWYNETH PALTROW & CHRIS MARTIN are still very much together, says a friend of the couple.

LINDSAY LOHAN denies rumors that she's breaking up with Samantha Ronson.

ROBOT CHICKEN has posted more Star Wars videos online.

HOLIDAY TV SPECIALS: TV Spreadit has a fairly comprehensive listing of airdates. Rudolph is tonght!

BRYAN ADAMS has called in police after being stalked by a mother and her son.

NICOLE KIDMAN probably should avoid Facebook.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: Director George Miller has confirmed that he is no longer involved.

CAPRICA, the much-anticipated prequel to hit series "Battlestar Galactica," has been greenlit by the Sci-Fi channel.

INDIA: Terrorists who battled Indian commandos for 60-hours last week relied on cocaine and other stimulants to stay awake for the duration of the fight.

IRAQ: Women are driving in Baghdad again. Coalition forces captured three AQI leaders and detained five operatives in central and northern Iraq. Police in Dhi Qhar defused 10 bombs believed to have been placed to assassinate Prime Minister al-Maliki.


SARA is the Walrus. Goo goo goo joob! Pics and video at the link.

CARPET PYTHONS: Worse than trouser snakes?

A DEATH ADDER was brandished during a racially tinged road rage incident in Australia.


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