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Tuesday, December 09, 2008 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


OH, PRETTY WOMAN: All Things Considered marked the 20th anniversary of the death of rock 'n' roll pioneer Roy Orbison with the backstory of his signature hit. Here's a star-studded version with Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, J.D. Souther, Tom Waits and more having an absolute blast. Rrrrrrawr.

NEW RELEASES: Funeral Party, Justice and Neil Young are among theose with albums streaming via Spinner in another thin week for new releases. Holiday discs from The Raveonettes, Elvis Presley, Bela Fleck, Rosie Thomas, Manheim Steamroller and many more are streaming via AOL.

COLD WAR KIDS stopped by the World Cafe for a chat and mini-set you can stream on demand via NPR.

MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND does the four free songs thing for Daytrotter.

RYAN ADAMS has started writing for BlackBook magazine. In his debut, he does not disappoint -- though his response to negative concert review in the L.A. Times is also a good read in its own way.

TOM JONES was interviewed for NPR's Weekend Edition, along with new audio tracks and classic Tube links.  In that spirit, and the spirit of Twofer Tuesday, check out Sir Tom singing "It's Not Ununsal" and the new "If He Should Ever Leave You" on Canadian Idol, which opens with some great archival footage.

DUFFY has an interview and retro-tinged fashion layout the Evening Standard magazine.

RICHARD THOMPSON: The British folk-rock icon, up to his ears in accolades, talks to JAM.

MARK LANEGAN gives Prefix a characteristically gruff interview about working with Isobel Campbell: "I always consider myself to be a pretty good breakfast cook that ended up as a singer..."

MICHAEL BOLTON gets preferential tratment from airport security? Isn't that exactly backwards?

BILL MURRAY is NYC's most unlikely new party guy, turning up at bars and house parties alike, not to mention party-hopping with the band MGMT: "He's not a boozy, sweaty party hound who gets caught on camera cheesing it up with pretty young girls (see: Mel Gibson, Bono); rather, he's more like a ghost in the night, who shows up out of nowhere, engages in utterly random conversations and then exits gracefully-leaving witnesses to wonder what the hell just happened..." FLASHBACK: In 2006, Murray turned up at a students' party in St. Andrews, even doing some dishes.

JAY LENO will remain at NBC in May 2009, doing a show at 9 p.m. when Conan O'Brien takes the reins at The Tonight Show.

JENNIFER ANISTON says she doesn't get why people care about her life so much, which may make it unanimous, absent false modesty.

LINDSAY LOHAN was nuzzling Sean Penn at his proivate dinner for the movie Milk? Don't worry; if she splits from galpal Samantha Ronson, you'l be able to read about it on her MySpace page.

ANNE HATHAWAY: Three fans bid 12K for drinks with the Rachel Getting Married actress at the Cracked X-mas Fundraiser in Los Angeles Sunday night.

JESSICA ALBA: Real vs. Photoshopped. And the real story may be how little airbrushing was done.

WATCHMEN releases its 9th video journal entry; this one gives props to the props.

THE NANNY wants to be The Senator. IMHO, she should tout playing a nanny on television as experience directly relevant to the job.

THE STANS: Taliban raiders destroyed hundreds of NATO vehicles over the past several days in Pakistan's insurgency-wracked Northwest Frontier Province. A US military spokeswoman described Sunday's attacks in Peshawar as "militarily insignificant." US intelligence circles are now re-evaluating a long-discarded proposal to declare Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism. The Taliban has a permanent presence in nearly 75 percent of Afghanistan, a new report by an international think tank says.

IRAN rejected a proposal by President-elect Barack Obama that a combination of economic incentives and tighter sanctions might persuade the Iranian government to change its behavior. Shocka.

THE MUMBAI ATTACKS were the subject of a panel held by the Counterterrorism Blog. What caught my eye were comments by Dr. David Kilcullen, an Aussie who has been advising Gen. Petraeus on counter-insurgencies:  "This was not some Islamic charity or some group working alone from the Deccan Mujahedeen: this has all the hallmarks of a Special Forces raid, closer to a commando or SBS raiding activity than a traditional Al Qaeda style terrorist attack... We can deduce they had some professional help though I think it is much too early to state who that support came from. It has been set up to look like a Pakistani government operation. We should be careful until we know more..." UPDATE: It turns out those comments caught the attention of Newsweek's Fareed Zakaraia, too.

KITTENS ON A SLIDE: Let's go to the video. Music by Dick Dale.

PUPPIES save toddler lost in the woods. BONUS: Dog owner leaps into freezing lake Michigan to save his pet.

BABY ELEPHANTS: Awww...some pics from a breeding center in the Nepalese city of Chitwan.

DANCES WITH WOLVES? A wildlife park in China is looking for three human volunteers to share an enclosure with 36 wild wolves.

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