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More Top 100 Videos, a Bob Pollard Tour Diary, The Sadies, and Python Surgery   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, July 20, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


ODE WITH BILLIE JOE:  Elvis Costello and Billy Joe Amstrong tackle "Allison" unpluggety for VH1s Decades Rock Live, which is hosting a clip of Elvis with Death Cab For Cutie playing "Accidents Will Happen." The duo is also seen performing Green Day's "Good Riddance" in a bootleg video.

MORE OF THE TOP 100 MUSIC VIDEOS OF ALL TIME are revealed at Stylus, including Chris Issak, Talking Heads, Guns 'n' Roses leaving the cake out in the rain, and Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice."

TOMMY KEENE says he can die happy, having played guitar for two of his generation's greatest songwriters -- Paul Westerberg and Robert Pollard. Keene's no slouch himself,as you can hear from MySpace.

JON WURSTER of Superchunk also toured with Robert Pollard and gave Harp magazine an amusing tour diary about being bitten in the face by Tommy Keene's dog, the "Pollard Posse," The Sopranos' Michael Imperioli, and more.

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS frontman Patterson Hood tells Boston's Dig that "Southern Rock" died when Lynyrd Skynyrd's plane crashed. There's a Don McLean joke in there somewhere.

CAMERA OBSCURA frontwoman Tracyanne Campbell talks to Rolling Stone about Let's Get Out of This Country, which they recorded outside of the band's native Scotland. You can stream the whole album from Merge Records -- just scroll down at the link to find it.

THE SADIES have tracks from the upcoming album streaming from YepRoc, with Neko Case, Jon Langford and The Band's Garth Hudson among the cameos.

TIM O'REAGAN: The former Jayhawks drummer gets an audio feature and streaming songs from his self-titled disc, which has cameos from various Jayhawks alumni.

JULIANA HATFIELD gets an interview and a career overview in the Boston Phoenix.

PETE DOHERTY UPDATE: The troubled singer was spotted talking with ex-bandmate Carl Barat for the first time since Barat had Doherty booted from the Libertines.

CHRISTIE BRINKLEY BREAK-UPDATE: Now that the supermodel has separated from Peter Cook over a reported affair with a 19-year-old aspiring singer, the press has gone to singer Samantha Cole, who was 19 when she dated Cook -- at the same time she was working for Cook, who was also dating Brinkley. Cole spoke to the New York Post. And there's video at the ET website. Unsurprisingly, Brinkley's mom calls Cook "a no-good SOB."

DAVE NAVARRO and CARMEN ELECTRA BREAK-UPDATE: Navarro denies having a girlfriend and living with someone in NYC, presumably referring to silicone-enhanced socialite Sarah Howard.

DENISE RICHARDS will appear naked -- save for some clear balloons --in an upcoming issue of Jane magazine, to benefit the Clothes Off Our Back charitable foundation. The pics do not seem to have leaked to the internet yet, but -- as a service to Pate readers -- I will keep an eye peeled for them.

TOM-KAT UPDATE: Actress (and Scientologist) Leah Remini claims to have seen the Tom-Kitten and deems her normal looking.

SIENNA MILLER and JUDE LAW are still an item, according to a Miller flack denying rumors that Miller had started a romance with her latest leading man, James Franco.

UN-SILENT BOB: Good Morning America film critic Joel Siegel stormed out 40 minutes into a press screening of Kevin Smith's Clerks II, roaring, "Time to go! First movie I've walked out of in 30 (bleeping) years!" to his fellow critics after a scene in which a "donkey show" is discussed. Smith responded o­n his blog that he couldn't fault Siegel for feeling "revolted," but could fault him for the manner in which he left the screening, in the midst of a lengthy and profanity-laced critique of Siegel's work. Siegel and Smith hashed it out o­n The Opie and Anthony Show Wednesday (the audio is available at the last two links). But the funny part of the last link is that, in the comments, someone joked that Smith would soon appear to defend himself -- and he did. But what should you expect from the man who wrote: "The Internet is a communication tool used the world over where people can come together to b*tch about movies and share pornography with o­ne another."

BRITNEY SPEARS reads -- and quotes -- poet William Blake? Seems unlikely to me.

JFK, JR. was impaired when he plunged his plane into the Atlantic, according to best-selling Kennedy author C. David Heymann, who also alleges a cover-up by the FAA and the NTSB. I'm not buying it. If John-John plunged his vehicle into the water while under the influence and the government looked the other way, he would have survived the incident and would be a US Senator by now.

SNAKES ON A PLANE will not be shown to critics in advance of its release. I am shocked to discover gambling at Rick's Cafe Americain!

COLIN FARRELL reportedly used to consume 20 ecstasy tablets, four grams of coke, six grams of speed, half an ounce of hash, three bottles of Jack Daniels, 12 bottles of red wine, 60 pints and 280 cigarettes weekly, but claims he has been clean for six months and credits his three-year-old son with making him want to live a long life.

JESSICA SIMPSON was caught canoodling with comedian and co-star Dane Cook at an L.A. nightclub. But based o­n the video for "A Public Affair," it looks like she's got something going with an ice cream cone. The pneumatic blonde was in NYC yesterday to premiere the video o­n MTV's Total Request Live, where hostess (and Nick Lachey galpal) Vanessa Minnillo was mysteriously absent.

EDU-BLOGGING: It's really bad that I forgot to mention the 75th Carnival of Education, as it's got audio and video extras! But the latest Carnival does not seem to be posted yet, so I forgive myself.

MIDEAST CONFLICT: The Counterterrorism Blog notes more overlooked facts regarding the conflict, including another reason the Saudis are condemning Hezbollah. There's also a post summarizing illegal Hezbollah activities across North America. Thomas P.M. Barnett has a thought-provoking analysis of the situation, regardless of whether you agree with it. The list of nations blaming Hezbollah and Hamas for the current conflict now includes Canada. At ITM, Omar describes how the religious aspects of the conflict seem to be echoing in Iraq. But Saddam is warning Syria about getting too close to Iran. If Miss Lebanon and Miss Israel can be friends, can't they all just get along?

IRAQ: Prime Minister al-Maliki is looking for ways to end the presence in his country of an Iranian opposition group. The British troops in Basra not o­nly killed a number of al-Qaeda leaders (as noted here yesterday), but also uncovered two tons of terrorist weapons and equipment. The Counterterrorism Blog considers possible Turkish intervention in the north. In Ramadi, the AP's relentlessly negative Antonio Casteneda considers Mr. Wilson leaving the city's center as a symbol, ignoring the Coalition's new strategy there, which has already showing signs of success.

HOUDINI the BURMESE PYTHON underwent surgery in Idaho after swallowing an entire queen-size electric blanket with the electrical cord and control box.

A NEWBORN BELUGA WHALE cleared three huge milestones -- birth, breath and bonding -- at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium. Cute pics at the link.

A RUNAWAY CIRCUS KANGAROO is roaming the green hills of Ireland after escaping near the picturesque port of Kinsale. Fortunately, Ireland is basking in near record temperatures more typical of Australia than Ireland's temperate maritime climate.

THE "DOG GIRL" brought up by a pack of dogs o­n a rundown farm near the village of Novaya Blagoveschenka in Ukraine is reunited with her parents at age 23, but it's too late to teach her many new tricks.

AN ALBINO SQUIRREL has been sighted in Arkansas City. Pic at the link.

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