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Of Montreal, 'Mats, Moptops, a Moo-Cow, and a Moose   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, October 10, 2007 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI brings in a pyro expert to spice up the video for the funky "Debbie."

OF MONTREAL stopped by the current for a chat and mini-set, inclding a new song and covers of "Trouble" (Lindsey Buckingham), and "The Kids Are Alright" (The Who).

THE REPLACEMENTS:  Most of last Sunday's edition of Sound Opinions was devoted to a "Classic Album Dissection" of The "Mats' 1984 release Let It Be.  Chitown music scribes Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot talk with longtime Mplis music journo Jim Walsh who has written an oral history of the band called "The Replacements: All Over But the Shouting," due this November 15.  You can stream or download at the link.

STEVE EARLE, whose new LP was reviewed on Sound Opinions, talked to Pitchfork about Dylan, Springsteen, Elvis Costello and Emmylou Harris, plus getting room service for his dog.

ROLLING STONE has posted excerpts from its 2007 Hot List.  And while I haven't put much stock in RS since high school, Megan Fox, Band Of Horses and Iron Man armor aren't bad picks...(though I s'pose if I was still full-on hipster, I'd argue that listing BoH after they sold a tune to Wal-Mart isn't the height of hot).

THE ROLLING STONES made their second US TV appearance on The Mike Douglas Show, covering Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away."

FIERY FURNACES composer Matthew Friedberger is only half-kidding when he tells Cincinnati City beat that the new Widow City LP was partially inspired by 1970s women's magazines and an episode of The Sopranos.

THE UNSEEN BEATLES is a documentary about the Fab Four's final concert in San Francisco's Candlestick Park in 1966.  There's a clip posted at Amazon.

LILY ALLEN has gone from size 12 to size eight after several sessions with a hypnotherapist.

PETE DOHERTY:  The troubled singer's new addiction looks to be food.

LINDSAY LOHAN gave OK! magazine her first interview since leaving rehab, which she called "a sobering experience."  She's a genius, that one.  At least Morgan's Creek CEO James Robinson -- who once publicly criticized her work ethic -- says he'd hire her again in a second.  BTW, does the fact that her ex-con dad Michael's girlfriend is a dead ringer for Li-Lo move him into the "creepy" category?

SIENNA MILLER was miffed at the publication of nude pics from the set of Hippie Hippie Shake, so she's going to be really miffed at the even more explicit photos that have turned up on the Internet.

BRITNEY SPEARS took a drug test this weekend and passed.  All that time put in studying paid off.  The pop tart was snapped saying goodbye to her boys in a teary-eyed embrace after Monday's visitation.  And Spears was ordered by a L.A. County judge to be booked for August's alleged hit-and-run, before her next court appearance on Oct. 25.

THE McCARTNEYS:  Sir Paul and Heather Mills may have reached a divorce setllement between £57million and £64million by the time you read this.

PAMELA ANDERSON announced her marriage to French Hotel sex tape cc-star Rick Salomon on her blog with the title, "The Adventures of Scum and Pam Have Begun."  Anderson's ex, Kid Rock had some words of wisdom for Salomon - advice he says he only wishes someone had offered him: "Why buy the cow, when you get the milk for free?"  I'll skip past the udder joke to note there's video at the second link.

KIEFER SUTHERLAND pleaded no contest to a DUI charge will serve 30 days in county jail under terms of a plea agreement.  After a year in a Chinese torture chamber, he should be able to do that time in his sleep.

DEMI MOORE, in an interview in London's Guardian, emphatically denies that she's had extensive plastic surgery, but says that "To fight it feels futile because... it perpetuates the myth."  Actually, it's decades of photos that perpetuate it.

DAVID SPADE donated 25000 to the family of a slain Phoenix police officer after reading about the shooting and the fact that he had overcome cancer to return to duty: "It just struck me as such a rough situation just because cops in general get kind of a bad rap lately and people forget it is the scariest job out there."

UMA THURMAN is reportedly engaged to her Swiss millionaire lover.  The two began dating after meeting at a party in Italy in July.  In August, they were seen canoodling in New York and were also spotted together in London last week.

NICOLE KIDMAN & KEITH URBAN are rarin' to start farming on the land they just bought in Tennessee.  Kidman has laready starred in remakes of The Stepford Wives and Bewitched, so why not Green Acres?

DAVID HASSELHOFF fell off the wagon and has been hospitalized, but his rep says the Hoff is doing fine.  But for now, don't jump in his car, m'kay?

ELEVEN INCONVENIENT TRUTHS:  Last week, a British judge ruled that schools would have to issue a warning before they show pupils Al Gore's controversial film about global warming.  In order for the film to be shown, the Government must first amend their Guidance Notes to Teachers to make clear that: the film is a political work and promotes only one side of the argument; if teachers present it without making this plain they may be guilty of political indoctrination; and eleven inaccuracies have to be specifically drawn to the attention of school children.

NANOTECH:  France's Albert Fert and German Peter Gruenberg will share the 2007 Nobel Prize in physics for a discovery that has allowed a radical reduction in the size and increase in the capacity of computer hard drives.  So I can't help mentioning that Pate frontman Jon Pratt is an award-winning scientist in related fields, like measuring nanoscale forces.

AL QAEDA in CYBERSPACE:  Private contractors working with the US government to monitor and track al Qaeda Internet communications say their windows into the various operations are not closed, despite published reports in the WaPo and the NY Sun to the contrary.  Rita Katz of the SITE Institute claims the White House leaked the most recent bin Laden video she gave them, but it seems that the White House had a translation of the video a full 24 hours before SITE intercepted it.

IRAQ:  AQI's Ramadan assassination campaign continues.  Two suicide truck bombs exploded in the northern town of Baji, targeting a police chief and a tribal leader who had joined forces with the US military against al-Qaeda.  Anonymous gunmen killed the police deputy chief of Nineveh province, also in the north.  Unknown gunmen assassinated a leading Shiite cleric in the Baghdad area of Al-Rasafah.  But a preliminary analysis (Ramadan ends on the 12th) suggests AQI may not match last year's Ramadan carnage, let alone the pace it set earlier this year.  The head of yet another Sunni insurgent group in Anbar province has met with US and Iraqi officials and expressed hope that former insurgents would have a role in the country's future.  In Anbar, a unique tribal reconciliation process is allowing repentant former AQI loyalists to return to homes and families free from the threat of arrest by coalition forces.  All of which may explain why AQI's objective seems to have changed from adding more towns and villages to the so-called "Islamic State in Iraq" to destroying the very same towns and villages.

IRAQ and the MEDIA:  Newsday's Timothy Phelps reports from DC that Basra is in chaos following the announcement of a UK troop withdrawal.  The London Telegraph's Con Coughlin reports from Basra that crime is down 70 per cent, and rocket and mortar attacks against British forces - which were running at more than 90 a day in the summer - have been reduced almost to zero (not surprising, given that they have moved out of the city center and are out by the airport).  Michael Yon was in Basra recently and e-mails that Basra is not in chaos.

A LARGE LIZARD capable of eating small pets and injuring children spotted in a Central Florida neighborhood tree remains on the loose, keeping homeowners on edge.  Video at the link.

GAYLORD the OSTRICH was the victim of a revenge killing that is sending a San francisco area man to jail.

A COW is in custody after causing traffic accidents that killed at least six people this year, Cambodian police say.

A MOOSE thinks it is a cow in Cannonball, ND.

MARLEY the PIT BULL assists a deaf man in Virginia Beach, because who won't help a man with a pit bull?  Video at the link.

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