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B-52s, Raveonettes, Ryan Shaw, Cutout Bin, Koala   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, September 07, 2012 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



...with THE B-52s!  The quirky combo from Athens, GA, has had a long and storied career, but we'll stick to the early stuff this weekend.  So, from the self-titled debut, classics "Planet Claire," "Rock Lobster,"  "Lava," and "Dance This Mess Around." And from the sophomore LP, Wild Planet, "Party Out of Bounds," "Give Me Back My Man", "Private Idaho" and "Dirty Back Road."  BONUS: "Song For A Future Generation," because it's the first song I heard them play live. DOUBLE BONUS: "Deadbeat Club," because get off my lawn.

THE RAVEONETTES are advance streaming Observator.

HELVETIA is advance streaming Nothing In Rambling.

RYAN SHAW showcased songs from his new album at World Cafe Live. But he also sang my fave, "Do the 45."

ALL SONGS CONSIDERED considers the most important band of your college years, maybe.

CAT POWER dropped a Sun bonus track, "Fire."

EARTH WIND & FIRE: The fish, the barrel, the smoking gun.

LED ZEPPELIN: Barney Hoskyns, the author of a new oral history of the band, has a longread at The Guardian on how they became the biggest cult rock music has ever seen.

THE XX have kept their lives out of the spotlight. But for how much longer?

DIVINE FITS: Britt Daniel and Dan Boeckner talk to The Globe and Mail about collaboraion, influences and more.

DAVID BOWIE: PopMatters excerpts The Man Who Sold the World: David Bowie and the 1970s.

CUTOUT BIN: From Hall & Oates to the Jesus & Mary Chain, from the Bar-Kays to Marshall Crenshaw, from the Flamin' Groovies to Tears For Fears, plus REM, David Bowie, Sugar, Al Stewart and more -- this Friday's fortuitous finds are streaming from the Pate page at the ol' HM.

NOW SHOWING: This weekend's wide releases are The Words, which is currently scoring 17 percent on the ol' Tomatometer; and The Cold Light of Day, currently scoring 8 percent. Must be September!

TOM CRUISE: Scientologists reportedly turned Isabella and Connor Cruise against Nicole Kidman.

AMY POEHLER & WILL ARNETT are separating after nine years of marriage.

AMANDA BYNES can no longer drive the streets of Los Angeles because her driver's license has been suspended, according to records from the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

BRITNEY SPEARS scares NBC, according to Simon Cowell.

KELSEY GRAMMER will fork over roughly 30 million in his divorce.


JAMES FRANCO may have to shell out another arm and a leg following a lawsuit filed by his former NYU film instructor.

THE GULF: The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and its ideological affiliates in the Arab Spring uprisings has stoked fears among Gulf Arab governments that the United States may one day abandon its traditional allies as it warms up to Islamists.

EGYPT: In his first foreign policy speech, Pres. Morsi called on Syrian president Assad to step down and warned Iran against interfering in Arab affairs.

AFGHANISTAN: After the formal transfer of Afghan detention operations on Sept. 9, the US military will continue to oversee detention of non-Afghan prisoners at Bagram Air Base, and will still be involved in the screening of newly captured Afghan detainees.

A KOALA hitches a boat ride.

TENS OF THOUSANDS OF RATS killed by Hurricane Isaac have washed up onto the beaches of Mississippi and created a foul-smelling mess that officials say will take days to clean up.

A NEWLY-ADOPTED DOBERMAN turned out to be pregnant. Very pregnant.

A FAT CAT became too demanding for kidnappers. Rename him Red Chief.

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Bob Dylan, Amanda Palmer, Animal Collective, Husky, Seal + Diver   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, September 06, 2012 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


BOB MOULD blasts through "The Descent" at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

BOB DYLAN is advance streaming Tempest via iTunes.

AMANDA PALMER is advance streaming Theater Is Evil.

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE stopped by Morning Becomes Eclectic for a session.

HUSKY swings by KEXP for a set of pastoral tunes from their most recent LP.

KNICKERBOCKERS: "Lies." Someday you're gonna be lonely.

PAUL SIMON talks to World Cafe about the making of Graceland.

CAT POWER: Chan Marshall briefly talks to Newsweek about the latest chapter in her life.


RORY & THE HURRICANES: Tapes from Ringo Starr's first band have been unearthed after more than 50 years.

BRITNEY SPEARS and her fiancé Jason Trawick have revealed how their relationship went from business to pleasure.

TOM CRUISE: Scientology calls the claim that they auditioned Nazanin Boniadi as Cruise's pre-Katie Holmes galpal "hogwash." Meanwhile, others claim the Cruise wifesearch included Scarlett Johansson and Lindsay Lohan.

AMANDA BYNES has been charged with two counts of hit-and-run, after allegedly smashing into some car and fleeing the scene ... twice.

JESSICA SIMPSON works on earning that Weight Watchers money.

JOHN MAYER & KATY PERRY left a romantic L.A. restaurant together Tuesday night.

ROBERT PATTINSON's sisters would kill him if he reunites with Kristen Stewart, according to RadarOnline.

KATE BOSWORTH confirmed her engagement on Twitter.

BAHRAIN: An appeals court upheld the convictions of 20 activists convicted of trying to overthrow the government. Leaders in the group were in "intelligence contact" with Iran and its ally Hezbollah.

EGYPT's Islamist leadership took a new move to put its stamp on the country's government, appointing members of the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood as provincial governors and installing ultraconservatives and other Islamists in the state's top human rights body and a powerful media council. 

IRAN has resumed shipping military equipment to Syria over Iraqi airspace in a new effort to bolster the embattled government of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, according to senior American officials.

A SEAL & A DIVER, holding hands...Mass hysteria!

A STOWAWAY CAT that beat the odds by surviving a three-week ocean voyage from China to California has found a new home.

A GIANT EARTHWORM has been discovered in China, measuring half a meter in length.

FOUR BABY TIGERS and more than 100 endangered pangolins were found in a car travelling through Hanoi on Tuesday.

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The XX, Seapony, JD McPherson, Elvis the Bulldog   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, September 05, 2012 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE BLACK KEYS drop a video for "Little Black Submarines."

THE XX are advance streaming Coexist.

SEAPONY is advance streaming Falling.

JD McPHERSON stopped by The Current booth at the MN State Fair for a chat and some tunes. 

RAYMOND BYRON & THE WHITE FREIGHTER: The new band from Castanets' Ray Raposa plays for Oregon Public Broadcasting

ISSAC HAYES croons "Walk On By" for my Hal David hangover.

JON SPENCER talks to Drowned in Sound about putting the Blues Explosion back togather, Twitter, and more.

CORIN TUCKER: The one-time Sleater-Kinney frontwoman talks to The A.V. Club about Ian MacKaye, Kathleen Hanna, and her daunting first show.

JENS LEKMAN's 21 Most Irresistible Lyrics.


KRISTEN STEWART lands her first British Vogue cover, though the excerpt only obliquely addresses her current personal woes.

TOM CRUISE: Oscar winning "Crash" writer-director Paul Haggis confirmed the story of Naz Boniadi, the beautiful Iranian born actress whom Scientology tried to groom as Cruise's girlfriend in 2004-2005.

MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN and Omarosa Manigault were secretly engaged and the wedding was set for this January.

HEIDI KLUM has moved on from Seal.

CHRIS EVANS & MINKA KELLY are dating again.

KIM KARDASHIAN's repeated attempts to befriend Beyonce have gone bust. Aw.

JOHN TRAVOLTA allegedly pressured his alleged gay lover to film a sex tape. Allegedly.

ELISHA CUTHBERT finally picked which NHL player she wants to marry.

INDIA: Police on Sunday claimed to have busted a high-profile party in Pune where over 300 youngsters were seen drinking, smoking and busy in all sorts of sleazy acts in the name of fun.

TURKEY: Turkish leaders accused Syria and Iran of supporting the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which has intensified its campaign in southeast Turkey after taking over dozens of villages in northern Syria this summer.

SYRIA: Italy's defense minister said the country would be ready to intervene militarily in Syria in the event that the Assad regime was ousted. Humanitarian concerns would be the primary focus, he said.

IRAN: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said the major world powers had not done enough to deter Iran's nuclear program and that they needed to set "a clear red line." The US moved ahead on additional steps to restrain Iran.

ELVIS reads Mom the riot act.

BUCK the BLACK LABRADOR traveled 500 miles to Myrtle Beach to reunite with his owner.

AN EPIDEMIC OF BEARS is expected to worsen in the West

WILD HOGS threaten the levees in NOLA.

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Hal David RIP, New Releases, dB's, David Byrne + St. Vincent, Kitten + Skunk   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, September 04, 2012 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


HAL DAVID (Right, with Dionne Warwick and Burt Bacharach), whose heartfelt lyrics merged with Burt Bacharach's quirky melodies to produce dozens of hit songs, not to mention Oscars, Grammys and Tonys, died Saturday. He was 91.  If the David and Bacharach catalog was "more cosmopolitan and less hip than that of the Beatles or Bob Dylan, their ruminations on love and heartbreak have nonetheless endured"; decades after their heyday, there's always something there to remind us how great the songs are. Say a little prayer for him this Twofer Tuesday.

NEW RELEASES from Black Mountain, Two Door Cinema Club, Stars, Deerhoof, Sondre Lerche, Jens Lekman,Two Gallants and many more are streaming this week via Spinner.

DAVID BYRNE & ST. VINCENT are advance streaming Love That Giant.

THE dB's hit World Cafe Live for a set of songs spanning its career; you can stream the gig on demand.

THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH stopped by World Cafe for a chat and mini-set.

THE GODFATHERS: "Birth, School, Work, Death."  Post-Labor Day, school starting... we got the middle covered.

SHOES retrurn after 18 years. Is it too late?

BLOC PARTY talks to Morning Edition about the recording of Four.

STEVIE WONDER talks to The Guardian about Motown, Jacko and Winehouse. He later clarified his remarks about homosexuality.

THE ROLLING STONES: In addition to recording new music in Paris, the band will play its first shows since 2007 later this year to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: The Possession tops the Labor Day weekend chart with 21 million against a 14 million budget, despite an adult cast of known actors. Lawless places with 13 million against an undisclosed, but almost certainly higher, budget; the Weinsteins took this one to Cannes, but ended up dropping it on a traditionally slow movie weeekend.  The Expendables 2 drops from the throne to show with 11.2 million, till lagging the original domestically, but chugging away nicely worldwide.  The Bourne Legacy takes the fourth slot with 9.4 million; it nears th 100 million mark, but may not recoup its 125 production budget stateside.  ParaNorman rounds out the Top 5 with 8.9 million; although it did not drop dramatically, it seems unlikely to turn a profit as Coraline did.  Below the fold, The Dark Knight Rises crossed the one billion dollar mark worldwide, while Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure debuted at No. 22, in one of the worst wide openings in recent history.

MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN, the 6-foot-5, 300 pound actor nominated for an Oscar for his role in The Green Mile, has died while being hospitalized following a July heart attack. He was 54.

TOM CRUISE & KATIE HOLMES: The latest Vanity Fair cover story has Scientology auditioning his girlfriends, an claim unsurprisingly denied.

SEAL accused HEIDI KLUM of "fornicating with the help" before their separation is final.

PRINCE HARRY is further embarrassed by a Vegas party girl.

RANDY JACKSON is out as an American Idol judge, but will remain on as a "mentor."

SIMON COWELL saved 9 people on a sinking ship.


JENNIE GARTH & LUKE PERRY may not be dating, but they are co-starring in a new sitcom.

KRISTEN STEWART's mother files for divorce.

IRAN & NORTH KOREA have signed an agreement to cooperate in science and technology. Iran's leader Ayatollah Khamenei said North Korea and Iran had "common enemies."

EGYPT's new defense minister retired 70 army generals as well as members of the former ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

PAKISTAN: A Christian girl who was arrested under Pakistan's controversial anti-blasphemy law may have moved a step closer to freedom on Sunday after police detained a Muslim cleric on suspicion of planting evidence to frame her. Some Muslim neighbors insist she should still be punished, and said the detained imam was a victim.

AFGHANISTAN:  The US has suspended the training of the Afghan Local Police due to the spike in green-on-blue attacks.

KITTEN & SKUNK, cuddling together...Mass hysteria!

THE SQUIRREL THREAT: A militant rodent disrupts the US Open.

A COW had to be rescued by fire crews in Cumbria after getting stuck in a tree.


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Cheap Trick, The Avett Bros, Vaccines, Team Spirit, Cutout Bin, Excitable Dog   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, August 31, 2012 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



...with CHEAP TRICK, live at ChicagoFest '81! Your set list includes: "Stop This Game," Hello There," "I Want You to Want Me," "On Top of the World," "Reach Out," "Baby Loves to Rock," "Gonna Raise Hell," "Dream Police," "Ain't That a Shame," "Surrender," "Just Got Back," "Day Tripper" and "Goodnight." You can access the individual songs from the link, or let the whole thing roll.

THE AVETT BROS are advance streaming The Carpenter.

THE VACCINES are advance streaming Come of Age.

TEAM SPIRIT: Ayad Al Adhamy (Passion Pit) drops the synth and picks up the guitar; power-pop ensues. Oh my. Check out four tracks at Bandcamp. I would say especially "Phenomenon"... but they're all good.

RUFUS WAINWRIGHT played a Tiny Desk Concert at the offices of NPR.

FIRST CLASS: "Beach Baby" falls into that category of summer song Oliver Wang once described "tinged with fragility and marked by melancholy."  It's even more true of the long version, with those French Horns and choral vocals in the c-section...

REGINA SPEKTOR talks to Fresh Air about growing up in the USSR and more... BTW, she is right about the Russian attitiude to WWII. When I visited in the 80s, cities were left with bullet damage, just as a reminder.

DIVINE FITS: Spoon's Britt Daniel talks to Consequence of Sound and ex-Wolf Parade/Handsome Furs man Dan Boeckner talks to Interview; both talk to Pitchfork about their new band.

LOS LOBOS: Steve Berlin talks to earache about the 20th anniversary of Kiko. (Thx, LHB.)

EDDIE VAN HALEN had emergency surgery for diverticulitis.

THE 10 GRITTIEST ROCK DOCS on Netflix, according to Seattle Weekly.

CUTOUT BIN: From Derek & the Dominos to Homer & Jethro, from CCR to KC & the Sunshine Band, from Aretha Franklin to Joy Division, from the Stooges to the Starland Vocal Band, plus Prince, Bob Dylan, Journey, Bryan Ferry and more -- this Friday's fortuitous finds are streaming from the Pate page at the ol' HM.

NOW SHOWING: This weekend's wide releases include: The Possession, which is currently scoring 27 percent on the ol' Tomatometer; Lawless, which opened Wednesday scoring 64 percent; and Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure, scoring 36 percent.

ROBER PATTINSON, broken-hearted, is considering moving back to the UK.

LINDSAY LOHAN may say the producers of "Liz and Dick" promised to pay her enormous bill at the Chateau Marmont hotel ... but it's simply not true, according to TMZ.

GIULIANA & BILL RANCIC welcomed their first child, son Edward Duke Rancic, via surrogate.

LeANN RIMES  entered a 30 day in-patient treatment facility to cope with anxiety and stress.

JOHN MAYER dumped KATY PERRY by email?

JENNIE GARTH & LUKE PERRY: Denying dating reports.

CHARLIE SHEEN's Anger Management has been granted a 90-episode order.

MICHAEL KEATON joins the Robocop reboot.

IRAN: The UN's nuclear watchdog agency said that Iran has more than doubled the nuclear enrichment capacity of its underground site at Fordow in the past four months. The IAEA also noted suspected recent "sanitisation efforts" at the Parchin military complex.

EGYPT: On his first trip to Iran, Pres Morsi called for Syrian President Assad to step down, and hinted that Egypt might take a more active role in the conflict. Morsi also warned Iranian President Ahmadinejad that Iran's continued support for the Assad regime raises the risk of of Western intervention.

EXCITABLE DOG: Bella is happy to see her owner.

A 500-LB DONKEY kills a South Texas mayor.

WHEN GRIZZLIES ATTACK: How a 20 year old student survived in Seattle.

PREDATORY BLUEGILLS play videogames for science.

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